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The Holidays have begun, and we know you all want to look amazing whether you are having Thanksgiving dinner with family or at your office holiday party. If anyone understands how busy this time of year can be it’s hairstylists, so we are sharing 3 hairstyles that we are so THANKFUL to have during the holidays!

With all the Thanksgiving cooking (and cleanup after!), who wouldn't be thankful for the ever-so-easy ponytail!! There’s nothing more classic than a SIMPLE PONYTAIL, and if you have 20 people coming to your house for Thanksgiving dinner this year and just need something easy and quick, then the messy ponytail won’t fail you! To start this look, you can wave your hair with a wand/curling iron or you can leave it in a natural messy look, whatever you prefer! Next pull it back in a loose pony and secure right above the nape of your neck, pulling out a few pieces in the front to frame around the face. (Hot tip: using a scrunchie will give this look an extra POP!) Whether it’s an all-up or half-up pony, this look will keep you looking trendy without the headache, so you can get back to those 20 people in your house!

Another super trendy look that we are so thankful it hasn’t gone away is the TOP KNOT, and lucky for you this one is also quick and easy! To start, you can again either wave your hair using a wand or curling iron, or let your natural wave show through! Next, section out the top layer of your hair and gently pull it back to the crown of your head (don’t pull too tight to your scalp or you will loose volume). Twist to create a messy bun and secure with a hair tie. It’s ok if it doesn’t look perfect…the messier the better! Again, accessorizing with a scrunchie or even a scarf will give this look a little something extra!

Finally, the third look we are loving for the Thanksgiving season is the EFFORTLESS BUN. This look is all about a low bun that sits just at the nape of the neck. You can start by securing a loose and low ponytail, just like the one from the first look above. Next, take the ponytail and loosely wrap it into a bun, then secure it with bobby pins. It’s OK to have some pieces hanging out…the point is for it to be messy and effortless! If your hair is fine and your pony needs a little more texture, you can spray it with a texture spray, like Pureology’s Wind Tossed, before wrapping it into a bun.

And there you have it! Three simple hairstyles that will keep you looking trendy while you celebrate the holidays!

Lastly, most of you know that the holiday season is our busiest time of year, but here at Elleven we are never too busy to say Thank You to all of our clients, friends, and family who have supported our salon and contributed to our success—you truly are a gift! We wish you all the happiest of Thanksgivings and hope you enjoy your holiday season!

The month of October has so many meanings…fall weather, Halloween…but there’s no denying that the month of October is best known for one major thing, and that’s Breast Cancer Awareness. Well here at Elleven we decided to join the cause and show our support! We have TWO videos for you this month that show what strength, courage, and community are all about!

For our first video you might want to get the tissues out because it’s so powerful that it will move you to tears. It highlights one of our clients that was brave enough to tell her breast cancer survival story. Words won’t do it justice so you’re just going to have to check out this video for yourself…click below to meet Melanie Markus and to hear her story of survival.

In our next video we take a look back at what coming together as a community looks like by running for the cause in the Liz Hurley Ribbon Run. In the years past, we watched the thousands of runners go by our salon and cheer them on as we worked, but this year we wanted to do something different. We came out from behind our chairs, closed down the salon for the day, dressed in PINK instead of our normal “black salon attire”, and gathered as a team to experience this incredible event with our city. Check out the video below to experience what the Liz Hurley Run was like from Elleven Salon!

As the month of October comes to a close, we want to not only remember the clients, friends and family that we have stood by that have gone through their breast cancer battle, but we also want to remember that this fight goes beyond the month of October. To learn more or to make a donation to the Liz Hurley Breast Cancer Fund, please click HERE.

We would also like to extend a huge THANK YOU to Melanie Markus for opening her heart to us and allowing us to share her story...Thank you Melanie.

There's no doubt that as a client you have walked into Elleven Salon and have seen all the different people we have working here with all different types of jobs. We have our Front Desk Staff, our Stylists, our Shampoo Staff, but you also might have noticed another type of stylist that seems to be helping out A LOT! We know what you're thinking...Who are they, and what do they do? Well if you've been one of our clients for a while, you may know by now how our Salon's stylist structure works, but for those of you that are new to Elleven Salon we would like to explain to you about our Associate Program. That wonderful person you see running around the salon with our other stylists is more than just a "helper", they are Associate Stylists and an important part of how Elleven Salon runs!

Here at Elleven Salon we are passionate about two main things: Our clients' experience, and growing future stylists! Growing and developing future stylists is what keeps this constantly changing industry moving forward, and we feel that there is still so much to be learned beyond Cosmetology school. With our Associate Program, we are able to expand the minds and skills of fresh stylists in order to create a legacy of Master Stylists to better serve our clients! Take a look at the video below to get a sneak peak of what some our Associate Program graduates have to say!

So what exactly is an Associate Program? Think of the Associate Program as a sort of "Master's Degree". After Cosmetology School, we offer a program for new stylists to grow themselves further, beyond the fundamentals that they learned in school, and we challenge them to advance their skills and build their clientele with the help of a Mentor in the salon, usually someone who has already gone through the Associate Program themselves. The Associate/Mentor relationship is an important one because coming out of school and trying to create success for yourself can be hard when done alone. With the support of a Mentor, an Associate Stylist has the opportunity to further their education and gain the courage that it takes to become a successful hairstylist, and maybe even a Mentor one day!

So how does all of this effect you, the client? We value giving our clients outstanding service and a premium salon experience, so in order to achieve this, we must create the ultimate salon culture complete with Associates who are eager to learn how to best serve you! As our Associates flourish, our Elleven Salon team expands, and we've made it no secret that teamwork is an essential and integral part of how our salon works. As a team, we are constantly updating our skills with salon education, so we know that in order for Elleven Salon to be better, we must train beyond what is learned in school to ensure that we have the best professionals serving our clients. This all starts with our Associate Stylists who are the future of our salon and this incredible industry...all of this is so we can better serve all of our clients on a daily basis!

If you or someone you know might be interested in the Associate Program here at Elleven Salon, please visit the Careers page on our website! Also we will be hosting a Shadow Night on Thursday October 24th from 5:30-7:30pm for Cosmetology students to come and watch what working as an Associate at Elleven Salon is all about!

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