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At Elleven Salon, we are extremely passionate about our clients, but the love doesn’t just extend to our female clients. We have such a huge male clientele that we decided that this blog should be all about the boys! We love our ladies, but let’s face it: the guy’s need hair love too! In today’s world of hair, there is a whole business dedicated to men’s styling, and guess what?…Business is booming!! So we are here to celebrate the growing trend of men’s grooming!

As stylists, one of the biggest mistakes we could make with men is to assume that they weren’t interested in working with their own hair. What we’ve found is that most men have an interest in looking great and they are willing to put in the work for the perfectly groomed look. However, some don’t have the right products or tools, or basically just don’t know where to start. To solve this problem for our guys, we’ve called on our Men’s Styling Expert, Melanie Harris, who is going to demonstrate in the video below what products to use and how to use them on two different hair types: thick and curly, and soft and straight!

Melanie likes to start her appointments by asking her male clients two things: “How do you normally style your hair?” and “What products do you use?” Using the right products for different hair textures and lengths is essential for achieving the right look. Here at Elleven we are OBSESSED with the Redken men’s line, Redken Brews. This line of products covers everything across the board for the guys, including shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, styling products for all hair types, and even beard oil!

Melanie’s first look focuses on styling thick and curly hair, so she uses the Redken Brews product, Outplay, which is a high hold pomade with a matte finish that helps add texture without that crunchy feel. Keep in mind that this product can be applied on wet or dry hair. Melanie’s model, Danny, has a lot of hair so she uses about a nickel-size of product for him, but for someone who doesn't have as much hair as Danny, we recommend about a dime-size. You will want to really rub the product through the hands first to completely emulsify it so there’s no clumps…no man wants clumps in his hair! Lol. Then starting at the root, just rub the product through the hair, manipulating it in whichever direction you want it styled using your fingers as your tools. The more you work the product through the hair, the more control and shape it’s going to create for your style. As a bonus, Danny has a pretty awesome beard that Melanie uses the Redken Brews Beard Oil on which helps soften the coarse hair and moisturize the skin!

Melanie’s next model, Josh, has straight hair with a medium texture, so she uses Redken Brews Maneuver which is a medium hold pomade that adds a smooth finish to Josh’s style. Again, this product can be used on dry or damp hair but make sure to really emulsify it in your hands first in order to avoid clumps. Because Josh has straight hair, Melanie likes to add texture by moving the product back and forth with her hands, starting at the front and working it back, then putting the hair into place with your fingers. Melanie tops Josh’s style off with the Redken Brews Hairspray which has a strong hold but is flexible, so it’s not sticky.

So to all the men out there that want to up their hair game…whether you like your hair tousled and long or sleek and straight, now you can style your hair a gentleman’s way!

It’s no secret that curls have a place in the world of hair styling. Over some of the past few blogs we’ve talked about taming curls, creating curls, and just loving curly hair for the summer!

Well since it still feels like we are in the throws of summer in this North Alabama weather, we are going to continue to talk about how to create that fun summery curl look, but this time…WITH A WAND!! Surely, you have all seen those nightmare-ish videos of people burning off their hair trying to curl with a wand (how horrifying!?!?!). Well this month, the talented Mrs. Jamie is going to show you how to PROPERLY give yourself those fun bouncy curls using a wand instead of a curling iron…and how to NOT fry your hair off while doing it! Lol.

The key to achieving the perfect curl is to get ready! Jamie likes to prep her hair with Redken’s Pillow Proof before blow drying so she can cut down on her blow dry time, but most importantly to give the hair the heat protection that it needs when curling. If your hair requires a little more protection you can also use an additional heat protectant on dry hair before curling, like Redken’s Iron Shape. Not all wands are made the same; the smaller the wand, the tighter the curl. Jamie likes to use a 1 inch wand, which is a pretty standard size, but depending on the size curl you are trying to achieve you can go bigger or smaller. Now, let’s talk temperature! Jamie has her wand set at 400 degrees, but I need to emphasize something…JAMIE IS A PROFESSIONAL HAIR STYLIST!! When using a wand with a temperature gauge please, please, please, do not set your wand’s temp too high! The recommended temperature for at-home use is 350 degrees or lower. Don’t cook your hair hotter than you would cook cookies!!

Now that you’re all prepped, let’s get started! First, you’re going to section off the bottom part of your hair and clip up the rest. Take small sections and wrap them around the wand with the wand angled down towards the floor and holding the ends of the hair out. The ends of your hair are the most delicate so holding out the ends will help prevent damage and those dreaded split ends, which is why using a wand verses a curling is so great! Release the curl and let it cool. Pulling on the curls before they have cooled can cause them to fall out. Do this around the entire bottom section before moving on to the middle section.

Pull out the middle section of the hair to get ready to curl. Rule of thumb: Any hair that lays/falls in front of the ears should be wrapped away from the face; everything else that falls behind the ears, you should alternate the curl direction. This is going to create a true tousled look, rather than the curls looking so uniformed. Do this until the entire middle section is curled and let the curls cool.

Now moving on to the top section! Using the same rule of thumb for the top section, anything that falls in front of the ears you should wrap away from the face. However, with the top section make sure not to start the curl too close to the root, about an inch off, so the curls lay nice and flat around the face! Curling smaller sections at the top can also give a fuller, bouncy look! Again, anything behind the ears you should alternate the the curl direction.

Once you are done curling each section, it’s time to make those curls hold! Jamie uses Pureology’s Wind Tossed Texture Spray first before she combs out the curls. This spray is lightweight so it will give your curls texture and volume without weighing your hair down! Now you can use your fingers to comb out and fluff up those curls and finish off the look with Redken’s Fashion Work *12 Finishing Spray! Again, this spray isn’t wet or sticky so it is buildable and won’t weigh down your hair.

And there you have it! That wasn’t too scary, was it? Now take your wand and go make some magic!

When our clients come sit in our chairs and they pull out their phones to scroll through tons of hair inspiriations that they found on Pinterest and Instagram, the majority of these pictures are showing long, full-bodied locks; Needless to say, there’s a very apparent trend happening. So what’s the secret to this envy-inducing length and body that has been swarming through social media? Well you asked, so we answered! This month we are answering our clients questions about a new service we are offering here at Elleven: HANDTIED EXTENSIONS! The popularity around this type of extension is overwhelming! (I mean…who wouldn't want beautifully long, luscious locks in a matter of hours?!? Lol.) And since we’ve been doing different types of extensions at Elleven for a while, we jumped at the chance to send two of our lovely ladies, Lindsay and Jenny, to get certified in this popular technique!

Again, a lot of our clients have seen this extension technique taking over social media, but some might not have any clue what an extension is! So what are handtied extensions? Handtied extensions are a long weft of hair that are hand sewn to create a thin, flat weft. A row of beads is created along the client’s head, and then the weft of hair is sewn into the beads. They are super light-weight and lay flat to the head in order to blend seamlessly with your natural hair and texture. Now, let’s take a little sneak peak into the world of handtied extensions and answer the top 5 questions you all have been asking!


Treat your extensions like your natural hair! Shampoo twice a week, and any professional styling products that you would normally use on your hair can be used on your extensions as well. Brush your extensions every night by sectioning out both the natural and extension hair, and then put it in a loose pony tail or braid. We love Mane Ivy scrunchies for stylish ponytails, plus they don’t cause any kinks or tangles, and then wear to bed! Click HERE to check the different styles of Mane Ivy Scrunchies. A new installation is recommended every 8-10 weeks, but with proper care, you can usually use the same weft of hair for up to a year!


Purple shampoo is not recommended because it could change the tone of the extensions due to the porosity of the hair. If you normally use purple shampoo on your hair, we recommend sectioning out your natural hair to wash with purple shampoo and then letting the shampoo rinse on to the extensions. You could also put conditioner on the extensions before using the purple shampoo to act as a barrier. But the extensions can be glazed, so if you like getting a glaze or toner, we provide that service in the salon! Also, any sunscreens can cause the hair to turn pinky/peach, so we recommend putting the extensions in a ponytail or covering them when spraying sunscreen.


Anything that is foreign in your hair could cause damage without correct maintenance; however, with quality training we will help you maintain the integrity of your hair. Again we recommend using professional grade products and brushes. Click HERE to see the brush we love using for the Bombshell Handtied Extensions.


Absolutely you can wear your hair up! You can also wear it in braids! The placement of the hair on the head and the flat/thin nature of the weft allows for a seamless look when your hair is pulled up. Also, each extension service is color customized to blend with your natural hair color.


We know that every client’s hair is different and each person has different needs, so we strive to customize all extension and color services to fit those needs. It is also so important to us that you receive all the information and instructions of the extension service. Because of this a Complimentary Consultation is required first for all extension services where length, color, maintenance, and cost are discussed in detail.

Whether you are just looking for that added thickness or wanting a major lengthening transformation, whatever your desire, we can make it happen with our Bombshell Handtied Extensions! Give us a call at (256)489-4247 to set up your Consultation!

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