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Here at Elleven we’re giving a tribute to all our moms. Mom, we want to say thank you! Thank you for all the little things you do each and every day that go unnoticed, thank you for the early mornings and the late nights, thank you for the unconditional love and support you give us! 

Here at Elleven we have a lot of respect for you mom, our very own Becky Dobbs, owner of Elleven salon knows what it means to sacrifice as a working mom. When Becky first started her salon career many years ago, her daughter was in pre school, Becky would start her work day at 5am, that's right she would take her first client at the crack of dawn. Why did she do this you may ask, Becky did this so she could have the afternoons free to be with her daughter.

Your love and sacrifice is noticed. Maybe your a single mom working hard for your family, or maybe your just a hard working mom, maybe your taking care of little ones and hardly have time for yourself, maybe your kids are grown now and your nest is empty, what ever stage you are at as a mom we want to say thank you

As a thank you, we're giving away three full size products to you when you purchase a gift card for $100 or more for Mother's Day. So come by mom and pamper yourself or grab a gift card for your mom this mother's day!  Offer valid throughout the month of May, stop by soon while supplies last!

As a mom we know that sometimes the hair gets pulled back and the sleeves get pulled up to get the job done, so we've created a few easy how to up dos, step by steps for you to make that messy bun a little more fun. Check them out below!

Becky's Step By Step:

1. Work a small amount of #5 dry shampoo paste into the root area.

2. Brush hair back - to create a ponytail (tease hair a little in crown prior) 

3. With the thumb pointed down wined around, twisting towards the crown and pull up and loosen. 

4. Use one hairpin, put straight into the side of the twist, lay flat and and push into the twist. (Add a few more in different areas where needed)

5. If hair is hanging out at nape area, hold out piece, put a bobby pin in middle of strand and insert up under the twist.

Jenny's Step By Step: 

1. Prep hair with dry shampoo 02. the night before. 

2. Use leftover curls from the day before & tease crown using powder grip 03.

3. Twist both sides towards the back & pin.

4.Grab remaining hair, twist & wrap

5. Hold hair with one hand & pin

6. Finish with Triple Dry 15. 

Here at Elleven, we know the power of a great makeover. That’s why we’re excited to announce our salon is getting a fresh look! In the same way that a new cut and color can bolster your confidence and give you a spring in your step, the changes happening at Elleven have us feeling even more proud of the “next level” beauty our faithful followers have come to expect. 

So what’s new? Quite a lot. From new faces behind the chair to new brand artwork adorning our walls, we’re growing and glowing in more ways than one. Our frequent locals will love the upgrades to our space with gorgeous new flooring and a custom mural commissioned out of California by abstract artist Rebekah Hope Harrison of Storm Global, Inc. (www.stormglobalinc.com) and inspired by Elleven’s sparkling new brand.

For those of you who like to keep up with us online, we’re bringing you a fully revamped website by @kayencodesigns, launching our salon-exclusive blog with tips and tricks from the in-house stylists you know and love, and featuring the full rebrand on our instagram account. And the transformation doesn’t stop there.

Our team recently underwent a two-day team building workshop with educator John Stellato. Through Stellato’s specialized training, we’ve upped our beauty game with new value for the ripple effect principle: “When we meet your needs, our needs get met.” Helping you feel your best ultimately helps us become our best and the desire to make you feel welcome and cared for affects everything we do. A huge “thank you” goes out to all our clients who purchase their products from Elleven - it’s because of you that ongoing education efforts like these are made possible.

If you couldn’t tell, we like change. We believe in it. And we make it a point to always be changing for the better because that kind of change is good for everyone - for us and for our friends and customers who motivate us to bebetter. This is why our motto is, “On a scale of one to ten, be an Elleven.” This is what being an “Elleven” is all about. 

When this salon began, our goal was to do things differently by not just being great at what we do, but by diligently investing in becoming truly great. We go above and beyond with our customized level of care with every client and have built a team of artists who are not only skilled but also passionate about growing those skills. And now, we’re freshening things up with a sassy new brand, site, team, and more to keep offering you our very best. 

We love all you Ellevens out there. And we hope you love the new us as much as we do. 

Welcome to the new and ever-improving Elleven.

Up Next: Do you or another special momma in your life need some “you” time? Stay tuned for our next blog featuring an exciting Mother’s Day Special offered exclusively at Elleven! 

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