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The Guy That Stands Out

Be the guy that stands out for all the right reasons

Gentlemen understand the value of a regular trim or touch-up. Being a guy with class begins with being clean-cut. Maintaining that “well groomed” look is easy thanks to the skills and professionalism of our expert team here at Elleven. We are pleased to offer our full hair care services as well as facial hair grooming and waxing so our gentlemen guests can always be at their most handsome.



Men's Haircut $33-$65
Men's Color $41-$84
Beard & Mustache Trim $13-$25


Pricing varies according to the stylist’s experience. 


All color services are customized to each individual client.


Please be advised that results vary depending on integrity of the hair, color history, and the level of lightness wanting to be achieved.

Are you ready to book a service with Elleven Salon? Request an appointment below.

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