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4 Easy Ways to Get Beachy Waves

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

It's a beautiful, effortless style that turns heads. We all wish we could start our day with a dip in the ocean to have those true sun-dried beach waves, but that's not the reality for most of us. Good thing we've got ways to get that same natural look at home! Not a fan of using heat on your hair? Don't worry, we've got you covered! It's an easy, versatile style that matches any hair type, so we can all enjoy those wonderful waves. It's recommended that those with curly hair straighten it first (with a good heat protector, of course) to give you a better canvas to work with. The best part of all is that to get this look, perfection isn't required! There's no right way to do this look, so we can all enjoy that simple, effortless beach look!

Finger Waves with Pin Curls

  • Take your favorite styling cream or mist, apply to wet hair, and get ready to go! Our favorite cream is the Kerastase Curl Manifesto Gelee. It has a humidity shield with 24 hour frizz control. It restores softness, strength, and fullness

  • Put hair in 1-2" sections and wrap around finger

  • Clip the wrapped hair into clip curl using a pin curler

  • Blow dry on low setting to set hair

  • Leave curls pinned for an additional 30 minutes

Curling Wand

  • Create 1-1.5" sections and use heat protectant

  • For short hair, use 1" barrel, while longer hair should use 1.25-1.5" barrel

  • Starting halfway down your hair, twist around barrel, alternating directions of curl for the more natural, not too perfect style

  • Run fingers through hair gently once it's completely curled

  • Give it a spritz of texturizing spray

  • Finish with a light hairspray like Fashion Work 12 by Redken

Low Maintenance Air Dry

  • Apply styling cream (such as Curl Manifesto) to damp hair

  • One way to do it is to simply part hair into one or two low braids

  • You can also part your hair down the middle and into two loose buns, secured with silk scrunchies. Using hair ties can damage the hair or break the ends

  • In the morning, take down hair and tousle with fingers

  • Add a good texture spray like Pureology Wind Tossed Finishing Texture Spray. It adds body, softness, and shine. This product is also great for girls who color their hair, using an anti-fade complex

  • If you want to calm the rogue pieces, use a curling iron or wand for a more perfected look

Flat Iron Twist

Choose a top-notch flat iron. Believe it or not, some flat irons include things to protect the hair. We recommend the Sleekr flat iron by Sam Villa since the plates are ionic and coated with tourmaline for extra shine and smoothness, with a snag free promise!

  • Time for separation. For thin hair, separate down the middle into two halves. For thicker hair, use four quadrants

  • Apply heat protectant before curling each section of hair

  • Curl 1" sections at a time

  • Flip flat iron upside down with cord facing upwards

  • Grab the sectioned hair, starting at the base, and twist hair until it is wrapped around the outside

  • Once the hair is locked in place, glide the flat iron down the section and watch a perfect curl bounce back

  • Do curls in opposite directions for a full, natural look

  • Once you've curled it all, run your fingers through for a more relaxed, loose wave

  • If you'd like more control of your look, use a hairbrush or comb. The more space between bristles, the less fluffy your hair will be. A wide-tooth comb will create a piecier beach wave look

  • After softening curls, use a light hairspray or even a dry volume spray for a boost of body and texture.

With these four hair hacks, you can have those amazing waves to give you that effortless style that looks like you came straight from the beach!

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