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7 easy tips to create the perfect beachy waves

Summer time is here, time for pool parties, outdoor barbecues, family fun in the sun, laughter and quality time with your kids and loved ones. 

Here at Elleven Salon our goal is to help you look and feel your best all summer long so we've created a few video tutorials to help you create the perfect beachy wave look to get you ready for the summer season!  Maybe you were born with the natural wavy hair and you can just scrunch up those luscious curls to create your own beachy waves or maybe your hair needs a little more work to get that perfect beachy wave look, either way we've got you covered.

Click below to watch the full how to step by step beachy waves video with Lindsay Joiner on how to create the look on your own hair.

Click below to watch a quick version by Lindsay Joiner as she shows you how she creates the beachy waves on her guest.

We suggest you first start off by prepping your hair with heat protectant Redken Iron Shape 11. Then using a 1 inch curling iron (we used the Sam Villa curling iron), start by taking about a peace sign width section and start curling the midshaft section working the iron down the hair leaving about an inch of the ends out. 

Next you will want to unwind the curl, while the iron is still clamped to stretch out the curl to relax it rather than having a bouncy curl. Make sure that when curling the front section that you make all the hair around the face go AWAY from the face towards the ears.  This means curling in a clockwise direction on the right side of your face and a counter-clockwise direction on the left side of your face. This creates a better shape and gives you a more natural look.

Once you get to the back of the ear, start alternating the direction of the curl. Repeat around the whole head. Allow the curls to cool/set. Finally run your fingers through your hair and shake your hair while spraying pureology’s wind tossed texture spray to give it the “lived in” beachy look. 

Finally finish with hairspray, we recommend using our Redken triple take 32. That’s it, now your ready for the summer beachy wave look! 

Don’t want to do it yourself, that’s okay let us do it for you, schedule an appointment by calling 256-489-4247 and one of our stylists will get you all set for that fun beachy look. Call to schedule your appointment now.

P.S. All Redken and Pureology  shampoo and conditioner liters are 15% off through the month of June, and when you buy a liter you get a free liter pump to go with it!

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