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A Gentleman's Way

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

At Elleven Salon, we are extremely passionate about our clients, but the love doesn’t just extend to our female clients. We have such a huge male clientele that we decided that this blog should be all about the boys! We love our ladies, but let’s face it: the guy’s need hair love too! In today’s world of hair, there is a whole business dedicated to men’s styling, and guess what?…Business is booming!! So we are here to celebrate the growing trend of men’s grooming!

As stylists, one of the biggest mistakes we could make with men is to assume that they weren’t interested in working with their own hair. What we’ve found is that most men have an interest in looking great and they are willing to put in the work for the perfectly groomed look. However, some don’t have the right products or tools, or basically just don’t know where to start. To solve this problem for our guys, we’ve called on our Men’s Styling Expert, Melanie Harris, who is going to demonstrate in the video below what products to use and how to use them on two different hair types: thick and curly, and soft and straight!

Melanie likes to start her appointments by asking her male clients two things: “How do you normally style your hair?” and “What products do you use?” Using the right products for different hair textures and lengths is essential for achieving the right look. Here at Elleven we are OBSESSED with the Redken men’s line, Redken Brews. This line of products covers everything across the board for the guys, including shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, styling products for all hair types, and even beard oil!

Melanie’s first look focuses on styling thick and curly hair, so she uses the Redken Brews product, Outplay, which is a high hold pomade with a matte finish that helps add texture without that crunchy feel. Keep in mind that this product can be applied on wet or dry hair. Melanie’s model, Danny, has a lot of hair so she uses about a nickel-size of product for him, but for someone who doesn't have as much hair as Danny, we recommend about a dime-size. You will want to really rub the product through the hands first to completely emulsify it so there’s no clumps…no man wants clumps in his hair! Lol. Then starting at the root, just rub the product through the hair, manipulating it in whichever direction you want it styled using your fingers as your tools. The more you work the product through the hair, the more control and shape it’s going to create for your style. As a bonus, Danny has a pretty awesome beard that Melanie uses the Redken Brews Beard Oil on which helps soften the coarse hair and moisturize the skin!

Melanie’s next model, Josh, has straight hair with a medium texture, so she uses Redken Brews Maneuver which is a medium hold pomade that adds a smooth finish to Josh’s style. Again, this product can be used on dry or damp hair but make sure to really emulsify it in your hands first in order to avoid clumps. Because Josh has straight hair, Melanie likes to add texture by moving the product back and forth with her hands, starting at the front and working it back, then putting the hair into place with your fingers. Melanie tops Josh’s style off with the Redken Brews Hairspray which has a strong hold but is flexible, so it’s not sticky.

So to all the men out there that want to up their hair game…whether you like your hair tousled and long or sleek and straight, now you can style your hair a gentleman’s way!

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