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All About HALOCOUTURE® Extensions

Say hello to our newest addition to the salon! We're going crazy for these extensions! HALOCOUTURE® has revolutionized the world of hair extensions, giving seven different choices in removable and semi-permanent extensions. Each piece is made with the finest quality hair on the market, known as Remy hair, which retains its cuticle layer and stays safe through color and heat use. The extensions are coated in a keratin seal that gives your hair that all-over healthy shine. Even better, now we can add bangs, tape-ins with vivid colors, or mix different extension types to build our ideal style! Turn your dream hair into reality with these miracle workers!

Original HALO®

The Original HALO® transforms your hair in seconds! It's great for those with medium to fine hair that are looking for something that looks as full and voluminous as hand tied extensions with an even quicker application process. Not only are they non-damaging, but virtually undetectable as well! It's a great way to go to get that naturally full look. The best part of all is that you can give yourself instant thickness and volume without the full-time commitment to a more permanent style of extensions.

Applying the Original HALO couldn't be more simple. If you are not having them fitted by a professional, HALOCOUTURE® offers short instructional videos on how to quickly and correctly fit your miracle wire to the size you need. If it feels too loose or too tight, you need to adjust it. Apply the clear miracle wire 1"-3" behind your hairline. Gently pull the top layer of hair out with the comb to cover both the HALO and miracle wire. It should feel snug so the weight from your hair will keep it in place. Remove the HALO before bed.

You should be able to shake your head and still feel it perfectly in place. Each HALO also comes with a replacement miracle wire, just in case! It's recommended for those looking for low maintenance extensions. They come in 30 shades. There are 23 original colors and 7 balayage colors, so don't worry about matching that hair perfectly. They're available in four lengths: 12", 16", 20", and 24" to give you a wide range of choices. The Original HALO is ideal for those looking for a natural look, adding volume, adding around four inches of length, or those looking to enhance or add color. The average (16") extensions weigh 100 grams, the weight of a full head of hair. It can last you 1-2 years if taken care of properly.

Layered HALO®

The Layered HALO® adds maximum length and volume. It quickly became the most popular extension in the collection. It's best for those trying to blend out shorter cuts or those with medium to thick hair. The Layered HALO incorporates more layers into the extensions and contains 30-50% more hair than the original, giving your hair even more volume!

Each piece has 2-3 built-in, gradual layers for the most natural looking style.

You can get the Layered HALO in 14", 18", or 22" in length. They're available in 23 original colors and 7 balayage colors to create a totally natural look to blend with your natural hair. If you have low density hair, be sure to stick with the original. It could end up looking unnatural if the hair on top isn't as thick as it is on bottom.

It's so easy to apply! Just make sure the hair is dry and tangle free. Place the miracle wire 1"-3" behind the hairline. Hold your index fingers on either side of the weft and use thumbs to slide the back of the weft down to the occipital bone. It should feel snug and secure. Remove the HALO before bed. The beautiful, flowing layers allow shorter styles to be revamped seamlessly into gorgeous, long hair! It will last for 1-2 years if you've taken care of it properly.

The Fall® Extension

The Fall® transforms your hair in a matter of seconds! It is secured by four comfortable, silicone-coated clips that attach to your natural hair while remaining damage free. The Original Fall is hand tied into a breathable weft, which allows it to be redirected to blend with your natural hair. The Fall creates a natural, voluminous look. The ideal Fall client has either thinning hair or hair loss, a need to conceal hair damage or hair cut flaws, concealing new growth between color services, or those adding volume at the crown. It can also be used in combination with an Original HALO® to lengthen hair that is too short to blend with a single HALO. The Fall will conceal the short layers. It is available in a Hybrid Fall as well, which is only slightly different.

What's the difference in The Fall® and the Hybrid Fall®, you ask? With The Fall, it's available in one length, 16"/18" and has a lace base. It's around 15 grams heavier than the Hybrid Fall. The Hybrid Fall is one length, 14"/16", with a fabric base, which allows the hair to lay flat and can still be directed to blend with your natural hair. Both are available in the 23 original colors and 7 balayage colors.

To apply this transformational extension, place it at the crown of the head with all four silicone coated clips open. Simply line up the parting of the extension with the parting in the natural hair. Place the extension 1/4"-3" away from the hairline. Secure all four silicone clips onto the natural hair using a slight scooping method. Then you're free to style it however you desire! Don't forget to remove it before bed to avoid tangling.

The Ponytail

The Ponytail is designed to create those long, voluminous ponytails that everyone envies. It easily attaches with a small, built-in comb, and has a small section of hair on the extension that wraps around to seamlessly conceal the hair tie.

It's available in one size, 16" and comes in all 23 original colors for maximum color matching. It was made to be lightweight and extremely versatile. This ponytail is capable of amazing things! Any up-do from simple to elaborate is exactly what The Ponytail was designed for, and that style is just a few minutes away!


The Bang is the newest addition to HALOCOUTURE® and can transform your hair style instantly! The Bang comes in one length of 10"/12" long, so it can be customized to achieve the perfect bang length and style for you! They add volume, enhance or change hair color, conceal hair cut flaws, or can be paired with a HALO to maximize length and volume of the look.

They are made of 100% Remy hair and coated in a protective keratin seal. With a snip or two of the scissors, you can completely change your look without the full-time commitment to bangs!

Tape-Ins and Prism Tape-Ins

A great way to get full locks with a more permanent solution is the wonderful world of tape-in extensions. They're a comfy fit and attached to natural hair with a non-slip medical grade adhesive. They can go 6-8 weeks before needing to be moved up as a result of new hair growth.

These can be applied in around 10 minutes. The original tape-ins are available in 23 original colors, 7 balayage colors, and 9 rooted colors, with three lengths to choose between.

Original tape-ins are 100% Remy hair and come in packs of 20 extensions. These pair together to create 10 sandwiches. For medium hair to reach maximum fullness and volume, 40 extensions are recommended. They come in 12", 16", and 20" for variety. If taken care of well, the extensions can last for three applications. Those with extra fine hair may have trouble concealing the clear tape at the top of the extensions. It's recommended to have them removed by a professional, but products can be purchased that are specifically made to remove tape-ins from hair at home.

Prism tape-ins are inspired by the vibrant colors of gemstones. No need to spend time in the salon to get that perfect, brilliant hue! You can add a unique edge to your style in a matter of minutes. They come in 10 vibrant, vivid colors such as Aquamarine, Amethyst, Pink Sapphire, or Emerald to name a few. The colors are also available in a rooted look. The Prisms are a blend of Remy and synthetic hair to give vibrance, yet keep a good curl. These should be styled with low heat to keep their integrity and last longer. Prisms are sold in packs of 10 extensions. Since Prism tape-ins were designed to add pops of color in your hair, they don't include as many sandwiches as the original tape-ins.

Hand Tied Extensions

These beautiful, voluminous locks are hand tied into small pieces of hair and secured by a non-slip silicone lined bead, resulting in a breathable base. The extensions are sewn into the base of the hair to become effectively undetectable! These are ideal for those with hair that has fine to medium density.

These are 100% Remy hair, with a quick and non-damaging application time. No messy glue or heat are needed to apply the extensions. HALOCOUTURE® hand tied wefts are made to look natural and full. The hand tied extensions come in 23 original colors, as well as 6 balayage blends and 9 rooted blends for optimum matching.

Unlike other types of extensions offered, these are safe for sleep, swim, and exercise. They're created to work around your lifestyle. It is recommended that you pull up your hair when swimming to keep the color vibrant. You can get these in 16" and 20" wefts. They are heat-safe up to 360 degrees. Anything higher could damage the hair. Just sit back, have them installed, and say hello to the new you!

With all of the options available, there's something for everyone considering extensions. We promise you'll be hooked! You can mix and match to create your perfect style! Whether it be The Fall with a HALO or a Layered HALO with The Bang, your perfect look is at your fingertips. See what amazing looks you can create with HALOCOUTURE®!

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