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Goodbye Frizz, Hello Quicker Blow Dry!

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

With summer’s fun hot days come more humidity in the air so your hair may be frizzier than usual these days.  While it may be okay to have a little frizz here and there it sure is nice to know that there is a solution and a way to manage this frizz. Here at Elleven we’re sharing more of our hair secrets with you so you can look your best all summer long even with the heat and humidity in the air! 

One way to stay cool without the frizz is to air dry your hair. Start by brushing out your hair before you jump in the shower to shampoo. That’s right the secret is to brush your hair before the shower and do not brush after you shampoo and condition. Next section out the bottom part of your hair from the top of the ear, then clip up the rest. Mix together in your hands a generous amount of Redken’s Rebel Tame and Instant Deflate and start at the ends of the hair, then working the product up the hair. Next you should section out the middle part of the hair from the corner of the eyes, then clip up the rest, and apply more Rebel Tame and Instant Deflate while light squeezing hair from the ends up. Take down the top section and apply more Rebel Tame and Instant Deflate, working it throughout the hair. Finally lightly squeeze and tousle the hair throughout the air drying process.

Click here to watch Noelle’s step by step video on how to get the anti-frizz look on air dried hair.

Wait there’s more, you can still get those fun bouncy curls even the next day without another wash, here’s how: Start by prepping hair with No Blow Dry (Airy Cream) and let it dry naturally. Then clip the hair off at the crown - leave the nape area alone. Next prep your hair with Redken’s Frizz Dismiss Anti Static Oil Mist- Don’t forget to shake it well, curl the hair, drop the rest of the hair and prep it with Redken’s Frizz Dismiss Aniti Static Oil Mist- again don’t forget to shake it well, then continue to curl the rest of your hair. Next spray the Pureology Refresh and Go Dry Shampoo and shake hair apart. Finally spray light hold hairspray on a makeup brush and brush away any extra frizz. Voila (Wah-Lah)finished. 

Click here to watch Courtney’s step by step video on how to get those second day curls.

Happy Forth of July, have fun and stay safe this 4th and remember we're opened on July 1st - 3rd but we're closed July 4th-6th!

P.S. Don't forget to stop by our salon and get these products so you can recreate these awesome looks!

xxoo Elleven Salon Team

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