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Hunstville's Favorite Salon is Tipping the Scales

At Elleven, we don’t just believe in beautiful hair. Our hair salon believes in celebrating each client's individuality and adding a little sparkle to the true beauty you already possess! From our specialized skills and services to the products we use and sell, we set the bar high. The level of genuine care you receive will put that sparkle in your eye as we exceed all your salon expectations. We'll make you feel like the elleven you are!

The warm welcome and hospitality you experience when you first arrive is only the beginning. Elleven Salon goes beyond simply keeping up with the latest trends. Our designers are carefully selected because of a passion for their craft and a willingness to grow as creatives. Through ongoing education, including out of state workshops and innovative training by guest artists, we provide a team of stylists that shine as much as you do.

Blending our talents, creativity, and professionalism with your beauty ideals and vision, we design a custom look you love, with a maintainable style and a rewarding salon experience you’ll want again and again. It’s not magic - it’s art. Our stylists are amazing artists with true talent that will make you  It’s beauty at the next level. It’s Elleven. We'd love to have you as part of the Elleven Salon family! You'll love your transformation! Come see why we're the hottest hair salon in Huntsville!

Becky Dobbs

A Note From Becky


Growing up in the beauty industry, my family always encouraged and pushed me to see more in myself. My dream has been to create a salon where this culture of mentoring and challenging produces professionals who see their own value, inspire that value in their fellow artists, and in turn, pass that value on to you.


Everyday here is a chance to appreciate the “ah-ha” moments, learn a little more each day, polish it with confidence, and blow a kiss to the universe. We all have the opportunity to bring out the best in each other. That's my vision for Elleven Salon.

Welcome to the Hottest Hair Salon in Huntsville!

Becky Dobbs

Owner, Hair Stylist, and Colorist

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