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Be a Part of Our Associate Program!

Join our Associate Program for newer stylists! Are you looking for a place to expand your skills and grow in a self-driven environment? Working with our master stylists creates a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to technique and skill. If you're looking for a salon to call home, look no further. Join the hottest salon in Huntsville and open up a new world of possibilities!

Thoughts from Associates & Stylists on the Program

A few words from our current associates and stylists that participated in the Associate Program

"I have loved being a part of the associate program because I have all the support I need when I’m trying new things. It gives me an opportunity to learn all the tips and tricks from my amazing mentors and grow professionally as a stylist, especially when it comes to handling customer service situations that would be scary to handle with little experience in the field. I’m also able to make a comfortable wage while I work on growing my clientele and it’s been a great way for me to transition into being a full time stylist behind the chair!"

-Emily Renfroe, Associate Stylist

"I chose to go through the associate program at Elleven Salon because I felt like working under someone with strong technical skills would help me to grow my skills that I learned in cosmetology school. The amazing salon culture they have built over the years and patient mentors is what made me make up my mind that this is the place for me! Everyone is always willing to help and they want to see you grow and succeed just as much as they want to grow and succeed."

-Makayla Stafford, Associate Stylist

"Elleven Salon offers a detailed plan for the associates to elevate their career in this industry. As soon as Joie went through the program with me I knew they had a plan to help me succeed!"

-Livia Hazuga, Associate Stylist

"Since this is my second career, I knew that I wanted to hit the floor running! Cosmetology School gave me a great basic foundation, but I wanted more mentorship so I felt more confident and equipped to give my clients their dream hair. Elleven Salon has provided hands on and digital education with various award winning stylists as well as in salon training! Elleven Salon has come alongside my own drive and has pushed me to be better. I highly recommend the associate process for all new graduates! It truly is an investment in your career!"

-Candi Rivera, Stylist

Thoughts from our Master Stylists

Coming in to the industry 12 years ago I was an associate under the owner , Becky. I found so much value in learning and grew so much working under her. As my business grew my passion for educating also grew, and I knew I wanted to be able to do the same for other new stylists. I also recognized the value it could add to my services for my clients to see me teaching and utilizing new talent. I’m so grateful for all the stylists that have trusted me in helping them learn and grow.

-Amy Birchmeier, Master Stylist

"I started at Elleven as an associate and I am so thankful I chose to take that route. It built me into the stylist I am today and that’s why I chose to be a mentor. To be able to teach and help associates grow to be a successful stylist just as I learned while being an associate! You learn so much doing the associate program while building your clientele. It’s a win-win!"

-Lindsay Joiner, Master Stylist

Join our salon to open a world of possibilities!

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