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Looking for a good fit where you can be a part of a team? To apply as a stylist or to our Associate Program for newer stylists, just fill out the form below and we'll get back to you!

Stylists   Outlook on the Associate Program

A Few Words from our stylists who previously participated in our Associate Program

"I highly recommend being an associate before you become a hairstylist on your own. I feel that when you work under a top stylist you truly learn what the key to success is. When I was Noelle and Jenny’s associate I learned how to formulate in depth, how to double book clients properly, foil patterns, different design styles, finishing, all while growing my own clientele on the side. My previous hairstylist told me to that in order to to succeed in this industry you need to be an associate first, start your way from the bottom and work your way up and she was right. Why wouldn’t you want all the knowledge? I feel like you are ahead of the game when you’re finished with the associate program rather than just becoming a hairstylist straight out of school."

-Melanie Harris, Hairstylist

"Being an associate was an amazing opportunity for me. The best decision I made for the start of my career and I wouldn’t have done it any differently. I learned so much by working with my mentor, Becky. Being an associate will take your knowledge to another level. Lots of hands on and learning experiences along the way. I worked as Becky’s associate and learned her way of doing things and the why behind everything as I slowly built my clientele and I feel like that really set me up for success. It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together! My advice to you- be TEACHABLE, keep learning. You can do amazing things when you set your mind to it!!"

-Lindsay Joiner, Master Stylist & Trainer

"I am so grateful for the associate program. I wouldn’t have joined the industry any other way. It allowed me to grow and learn from a top stylist all while building my clientele, without the fear of waiting around for clients to fill my chair. To have to opportunity to grow at one of the top salons in Huntsville helped put me on the track to success.. and I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather build my successes."

-Amy Birchmeier, Master Stylist & Trainer