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All Things Fall Makeup 2022

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

This summer's makeup had us rocking all bold everything. This fall is more of a mixture of both bold and softer looks. Most are opting for played down foundation with bolder shadows and cheeks.

We're totally into these fall looks that add some spice to our makeup routine!

All Coral Everything

Coral is one of the main colors of the season for eyes, cheeks, and lips. Coral tones were a bit passé for the last few years, but this fall they’re making a huge comeback. It covers everything from lunch with the girls to a fun night out. Your best bet is to pair lips with a brown liner to make your coral lipstick really pop! You can opt for a matte lip or a full-on gloss. Try a monochromatic coral eye and coral cheek to achieve a classy, beautiful look.

Base Makeup

Now, think of is a more natural, dewy look. It's totally in this season! Go for the barely there look. It's time to put away that full-coverage, matte foundation and thicker concealer. Go for a light-medium coverage or a sheer formula. Always start with a good moisturizer first, then add a light layer of foundation to compliment your natural complexion. Many professional makeup artists are all about pairing the dewy skin with a matte lip and eye to get that well-rounded, thought out look.

Underpainting is also really big this season. It's a seamless, natural blend you can achieve by applying creamed bronzer and blush under your foundation. It gives skin that dewy appearance that everyone is raving about. Just apply the creamed products first, then add your light to medium coverage foundation on top. You'll fall in love with this look!

Fluffy Brows

Thicker brows are definitely in, and they're super easy to achieve. To get this look, brush your brows upward. This hides any gaps or spaces. Apply the clear brow gel to keep the brows in place, and you're good to go!


The look of the season is burnt blush. Go for brick-like or peachy hues. Think along the lines of the colors of fall leaves. This season, we don't stop at apply it to the apples of our cheeks. Now, we're going all out. Brush it lightly under eyes and over your nose. It brings warmth and color to your complexion. It sounds a like a big jump from what we're used to, but once you give it a try, you'll be glad you did!

Double-Winged Eyeliner

Time to step your eyeliner game and turn the drama all the way up! Black is no longer the only option. Make a statement and go bold! Choose any color you'd like. After all, eyeshadow turned eyeliner is actually one of the looks this season.

To get that amazing double-winged look, form your favorite winged or cat-eye liner style first. If you can't get the shape quite right, try an eyeliner stencil to make life a little easier. Once you've gotten your regular liner on, it's time to turn up the drama! Take your liner and carefully line it from the inner part of the lid, line the crease, and attach to the end of the bottom wing. Voila! You have amazingly chic look to rock day or night!

Imprecise Smudged Eyeliner

Some people prefer to stay away from the bold eyeliner such as a cat-eye or wings. This season, they're in luck! Smudged liner is everywhere. Try a creamy pencil to get the best outcome. This sooty, sultry look is so easy to master. Think of it as a more polished version of your next day eyeliner when you forget to wash it at night. For the best result, try a kohl liner on top and bottom. Smudge it out with an eyeshadow brush or the sponge that may be attached to the other end of your eyeliner. It's a gorgeous look that's nearly effortless.

Pastel & Vivid Eyeshadow

Vivids and pastels may seem like a spring/summer trend, but this fall is all about it. We're breaking the pattern and going for maximum drama. Blues, greens, purples, and pinks are totally in! Whether you want to rock a bold blue or a pastel purple, you can't go wrong. For the best results with pastels, apply a pastel cream base and set it with the corresponding eyeshadow to make it as pigmented as possible.


Blues are a favored look this season, and this retro hue doesn't stop at baby blue! All tones are poppin' and flooding the red carpet. Try a teal or lighter blue on the inner half of your lids with a darker shade of blue on the outer half of your eyelid. If you're feeling adventurous, pair it with a blue eyeliner to really make it pop. For maximum effect, pair it with a light or dark red lip to really make a statement!


Get ready to amp up your lips with warm or bold hues that have either a matte or vinyl finish. This season, think bold reds, burgundy, earth tones, nudes, or black cherry. You can even opt for a caramel or coral. Go for a matte lip/eye combo or opt for the other end of the spectrum and go with shiny eyes and vinyl lips that are so glossy you could see your reflection!

Who knew dark lip liner would come back around? Perfectly lined and defined lips are flooding our Instagram feed and dominating the red carpet. Go for a color that's darker than your lips and 2-3 shades darker than your lip color for the maximum effect.

Now that you've got the scoop on the top trends of the season, you can go out with makeup that's red carpet ready! We're in love with these earth tones mixed with bold pops of color. It's time to break out that sheer base, bold eyeshadow or pastel palette, and try some of these amazing seasonal looks that are sure to make you feel like a 10! Not only will you feel like your best self, you'll also turn some heads!

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