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Finally! An Easy Hair Routine that Works!

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

On hair washing days, which hair products do you actually need and which ones can you skip? We've got the answers! When it comes to a hair wash and dry routine, all of those options can be totally overwhelming. Of course conditioner comes after shampoo, but what comes after that? With all the serums, oils, and sprays available, it's tough to choose for the best of us. Furthermore, in what order do you use them to ensure you get the benefits? Let's dive in to your complete guide to make hair washing days oh so easy.


Remember that styling begins in the shower! It's best to use a shampoo that's specifically geared toward your hair type, such as a shampoo for color-treated, curly, frizzy, or damaged hair. If you're only washing a couple of times a week, think about getting a clarifying shampoo to remove any residue that regular shampoo may miss. We swear by Redken Hair Cleansing Cream. This works wonders, especially if you have a problem getting your shampoo to lather. It acts as a reset for strands and roots. When washing, always make sure to focus on the scalp since this is where the majority of the product build-up and oils hang around. It's recommended that you do a quick wash once, focusing on the scalp, then once more all over.


Shampooing strips the hair of oils that may be good for the hair. It's time to put some moisture back in those locks! No matter your hair type, this step is absolutely crucial. Again, try to go for a conditioner that targets your hair type. Avoid your roots to prevent a shiny, oily appearance. Focus on applying from mid-shaft to ends. Allow it to sit for around 3-5 minutes before rinsing.


Moisture is key! This is quite possibly the most important step of all for most people. Choosing a wash-out mask or leave-in conditioner can make or break your hair's look. Everybody benefits from this extra moisture, but it's so much more important for dry, frizzy, or damaged hair. Just like some people need more hydration in their skincare routine, some need extra hydration in their hair. This affects everything from styling results to ease of maintenance. We recommend the line of Kérastase masks. They have something for every hair type, from color-treated blondes to those with extra curly hair and everything in between.

Some people prefer hair oils for moisture, which is also an amazing choice. These come in oils for dry hair, wet hair, or both. Our go-to is Kérastase Elixir Ultime. This is great to put in before you blow dry as well as afterwards to get rid of any frizz and add some shine. As long as you keep your hair moisturized, you're well on your way to better looking and better feeling hair!

Blow Drying

Let's start by saying that using cotton towels to dry your hair should be avoided if possible. It causes friction and can damage your locks. Keep in mind that experts say you should let your hair dry 40-50% of the way before blow drying to cut down on the heat you'll use on your hair, which leads to less damage. Don't forget to ALWAYS use a heat protector before putting heat on your hair, whether you're using a blow dryer or hot tools. Our favorite blow dry heat protectant is Redken Quick Blowout. It protects your tresses from heat while speeding up drying time considerably. Heat protector soaks in best when hair is wet, so give that consideration. Take your protector and spray all over, combing through afterward to distribute it evenly. When the protectant is appliied and it's time to blow dry, an amazing tool to invest in would be an ionic hair dryer. They come in a range of prices, including something everyone can afford. This cuts down on tons of frizz, damage, and drying time. These are a must-have for those with damaged hair that are trying to improve the state of their hair. When blow drying, you'll get a better overall look if you dry it in layers. Don't forget to tilt the dryer downward to cut down on frizz at the crown.

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