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Get Perfect Curls in Minutes!

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Have you ever tried to recreate those gorgeous curls you get at the salon? Tons of us get tired of trying to figure out how to make them look as great as our stylist can. Most people find that it's nearly impossible to get the perfect curl they envision, but it's just a quick step away. Luckily, now we don't have to wait to see our stylist before we can rock them again! Emily's quick tutorial will take you down the path to perfect curls! The best news of all is that you don't need a lot of time or money to look amazing! You're now on your way to fabulous hair.

What You Need

Grab a round brush, hair clips, texture spray, a 1" curling iron, and a velcro roller for bangs.

Quick How-To Rundown

Use a round brush with your blow dryer. Use low fan and high heat settings.

Add a velcro roller to your bangs if you have them.

Section the hair so that your curls will be thorough. Ideally, break hair up into three sections as shown by Emily.

Section by section, take 1.5" pieces at a time, apply heat protectant, then curl each piece. The first curl on each side should be curled away from your face. Emily shows the exact technique to show you just how easy it is.

Begin curling at the mid-shaft of your hair and leave a tail at the end of the hair that you don't curl. It's impossible to get that stylish look if you start at the root and curl to the ends of your hair since it creates a completely different style.

To keep your curls from bunching together, alternate the directions of your curls. It gives them a much better look than when curls combine. Don't forget it's important to curl in the direction away from your face first!

When you're finished, spray with texture spray, take out the roller to frame your face, and add a little more texture spray for good measure!

Run hands through your hair when done, shape it slightly with a teasing comb to stop the curls from falling, and spray on your favorite hairspray!

Voila! Perfect Curls!

curling hair

Poof! Just like that, you've transformed yourself into that picture of perfection you were looking to achieve! No more of those frustrating curl sessions that end up looking nothing like the vision you had for yourself.

We can all have selfie-ready hair, and that's fabulous. Who knew we could even save money while we do it? That's a game-changer. Create your own stylish curls the easy way and look fantastic! Give it a shot. You'll fall in love!

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