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How To Make Your Curls Last All Day

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

If you're like most of us, those curls just can't last long enough! With these quick and easy tips, you can keep those luscious curls just as on point as they were to begin with! Always remember that finding the right way for your hair may take some time, so be sure to play around with different ways to achieve that perfect look. Since everyone's hair is different, you may need to try a couple of things before you find what works best for your hair.

Use Good Products

The key to a good curl is using styling products. Using Curl Manifesto Gelee is amazing for a curly look, and it's great for reviving the look you already have without making it feel crunchy. You also need a good texture spray. Don't forget this step! It's crucial to giving those curls the perfect look and taming the frizz. We love L'Oreal Next Day Hair! It's a total game changer. It can liven up the look you just created or it can bring it back to life later in the day for evening plans in one simple step! You should also go for a product that gives your hair a healthier look and feel. Damaged hair will not stay curled the way healthy hair will.

Hairspray Hairspray Hairspray!

Make sure to put a lightweight hairspray after each curl with the hot tool, and a finishing touch on all of your hair at the very end! A light, non-crunchy spray can be your best friend!

Find the Right Hot Tool

Everyone's hair is a little different. When getting ready to start, never forget a heat protectant and keep that hairspray close by! You should spray each section before and after each curl. If you've got fine hair, a flat iron will probably be your best bet. Choose one that has rounded edges to get the perfect look. Try to look into flat irons that are ionic, have ceramic plates, or include extra help for smoothing hair such as tourmaline. Although buying a quality curling iron, wand, or flat iron can be pricey, the benefits far outweigh the cost! It may be a little less desirable, but your hair will be able to tell the difference, and so will you when you see how much better your hair looks and feels!

For thicker hair, try a wand. Most women with thicker hair find a wand to be the perfect tool to get those locks to stay voluminous and give long-lasting curls. The thicker the wand, the looser the curl. Keep that in mind when deciding just how long you'd like your hair to stay curly.

Get The Right Barrel Size

It's important to get the right barrel size for your hair if you're using a curling iron or wand.

For hair with hard to hold curl, try a 3/4 to 1" barrel. The curls will start a little tighter and give it a boost.

If your curl holds a little better, try a 1-1.25" barrel.

If it always ends up falling flat, you'll need a little more quality hot tool.

Curl Hair a Little Tighter Than You Want

Although tighter curls may be a little tighter than you'd like at first, it leaves tons of time to fall correctly and give you an even longer lasting curl that often goes into the next day! If you want them to look fuller, brush the curls for that looser look.

Skip Deep Conditioner

Although we want that sleek, shiny look we get from a deep conditioner, it makes it a little heavy and weighs hair down. It makes it harder to style, so go for a lightweight conditioner instead. Keep in mind, the second day is better to get those curls. You need just a little bit of natural oil to make it easier to mold.

Use The Right Temperature

It's a good rule of thumb to keep the hot tool at 300 degrees to keep your hair from getting a little dry or fried. Resist the urge to bump that temperature up. Higher heat doesn't always mean better curl. Keep in mind that someone with fine hair can get away with an even lower temperature.

Cool Curls Before Loosening Curls

Think about it just like a cake. You leave it out for a bit to settle, and your hair is no different.

As the hair cools, it firms, giving it a better chance of staying beautiful and curly. After finishing your whole head, let it sit for a few minutes before brushing or running your fingers through your hair. An even better way to let curls cool is to pin each curl up with a duckbill clip while allowing to cool. It's a great little hair hack that's super inexpensive!

Use Hot Rollers or Velcro Rollers

For some, using rollers is a better solution to get their ideal curl.

Use Velcro if you just want it to be curvaceous, but if you're looking for big, bouncy curls, use hot rollers.

If you have fine hair, hot rollers are definitely the way to go when deciding between rollers.

Don't Touch That Hair!

Don't mess with those curls too much with a brush, comb, or running your fingers through it. This is something you should do initially after your hair has cooled from the hot tools. The more you mess with it, the quicker it will fall. It may seem like an easy task, but we all have a habit of touching our hair throughout the day before we even notice what we're doing. Each time you touch those curls, you're adding a little more oil, dirt, etc. These things are definitely your nemesis once your hairstyle is complete.

Put in a Bun at Night

If you've already done those curls and want to preserve them for the next day, throw your hair up into a top bun and secure with a silk scrunchie. Using regular hair ties can cause breakage. When using this technique, it keeps the body in the curls underneath and prevents them from going flat. Don't forget to use lots of light hairspray!

Use Dry Shampoo At Night

If you're trying to carry the curl over to the next day, spray some dry shampoo in before putting it up into a bun with a scrunchie when you lay down for bed.

At-Home Dry Hair Blow Dry

Bend over so hair hangs down in front. Using a diffuser, dry it out a little more. If you use your fingers and tousle the hair, you should flip back over and have tons of volume! It's a great boost!

With all these hair hacks, you're sure to find the perfect mixture to give you those perfect curls! No more stressing over how to make it into that meeting or get to those evening plans with that beautiful look. Now you'll already know how to keep it looking great, lasting long, with even a couple of refresher tips for hair that looks just as great as when you started!

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