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This Season's Hottest Nail Trends

Winter 2023 nail styles are some of the chicest and most exciting shades out there! From earth tones to marbled nails, we've got the scoop to have you looking fabulous. Expect classic chilly weather hues with a little bit of a twist. Let's get a little adventurous and see which one suits you best!

Cat-Eye Gemstone

This is the most luxe looking trend of the season. The sumptuous texture elevates any color from dark purple to bright beige and everything in between. With the cat-eye effect, it gives the nails some dimension and resembles a gemstone. These are our personal favorite since they come in any color and really create an amazing look that will get you compliments every time! All you need is a bottle of cat-eye polish and a magnet to get this amazingly stylish look.

High-Shine Chrome

Chrome is all the rage this season! This high-shine polish is has an ultra-shiny, outer space feel. Chrome comes in powder form to put over your polish, which begins with a black base color. If you're feeling edgy, mix it with another of the season's trends and add some glitter to an accent nail to make it pop. No matter the color choice of chrome, each one is amazingly stunning!

Earth Tones

From reds to browns, these colors are on fire this season! Change up the usual merlot color and trade it in for something like deep brown. No need to adorn them with jewels or different finishes. They have a certain elegance that makes a statement without flashy designs or finishes. Rusty red has been crowned the hottest earth tone of the season.

Milky Whites

This is already a go-to shade every winter, but this year it's getting even more attention! Instead of the standard white, this nail trend is a little less opaque and opt for something a little more sheer. For those who love a good sheer polish, milky whites make a splash even more so than a neutral sheer shade.

Gingham Style

Gingham is a simple print to try and it is the perfect choice for winter. It's a two-color pattern with classic combinations like red and white, red and black, or blue and white, but you can experiment with different color combinations to find the one that best reflects your style. It's a classy choice that makes your nails look fun and stylish.

Marble Nails

There are endless possibilities when it comes to design, from solid colors to intricate patterns. Whether you want something subdued for everyday wear or more eye-catching for a special event, marble nails are perfect. You can literally create anything. They look sophisticated and they're super easy to do yourself!

There's a little something for everyone! This season offers designs from marble to cat-eye, and no matter what you choose, you can't go wrong. Try these fun and sophisticated looks to have your nails looking super chic this winter! Get ready to be showered in compliments and turn a few heads. Try some of these amazing DIY designs. You'll be glad you did!

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